About Miller's Cakes

I have always loved making things: sewing, baking, making soap, and making cakes. Over the years I have made cakes for family parties, church events, wedding gifts, birthday presents… you name it! In the last several years, I found myself watching cake shows on TV, and then I started visiting cake websites. I was amazed by some of the cakes I saw, and decided I just HAD to learn how to do some of the techniques….

collage1One day there was a baby shower planned for a friend from church. I called my friend who was planning the shower and asked if I could make the cake. She was very happy to have it made for free. Me? I wanted to see if I could make a 3-D baby that WAS a cake. It was a huge success, and then I was REALLY hooked on cake.

So, Miller’s Cakes was “BORN”…

Miller’s Cakes was based in Harveys Lake, PA, in a lovely commercial kitchen built in-home, and was a registered food establishment through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services. Then, we moved, built a new house, and I had no commercial kitchen. So, I am not open for business at this time. Please visit my FACEBOOK PAGE.  There, you can see cakes from my past, and even some current cakes that I make for my grandbabies, or for gifts.

Life is SWEET!